Poems: From another soul

A poem about the endless cycle of love and pain.

Poems: From another soul

I feel your love through another soul,
I see your glance in another's eyes,
I feel again that glory and lust,
Singing and dancing, like times now long past.

Though now you're gone,
Your love lives on,
Through the glance in another's eyes.

I feel your breath through another soul,
I hear your voice, though different now,
I feel the same, not knowing how,
Are you with me, how is this now?

Though now you're gone,
The pain lives on,
Through the cracks in my wounded heart.

For at the end, your light's so bright,
It sets my lonely pain alight,
And by the end, you'll truly know,
The way of life, the greatest show.

Yet still I crave,
Your soulful glare,
The thrilling dance of toxic lust,
Day after day, breaking my trust,
Why do I wish for such great pain?
Who deserves such awful shame?

Suffocate me,
Intoxicate me,
So I may feel you in my veins again,
Such poison still, transformed at will,
The love's the same, the greatest grace,
But there's no pain,
It takes but another face.

When we're both gone,
The pain lives on,
To haunt another generation.

This cruel dance, we know so well,
Again and again, til love it quell,
But there's a way, a way to light,
The way is paved with pain and hurt,
But at the end, you all will see,
From this cruel dance, you are now free.