F+ school

Modern education has failed us and lied to us. To truly learn, we must first unlearn what it has taught us.

F+ school

Fuck school. No, not literally, but if that's your thing, far be it for me to stop you. I'm talking about the education system we have created to support the economy. An army of 9-5 zombies believing that hard work equals money. And I'm going to tell you why that's bullshit.

Yes, it suits parts of the economy, but only the lower, working classes, which in my mind encompasses everyone who has a manager or someone over them, I think school cripples people's creativity instead of stimulating it. If you want to climb the ladder of life, you'll need to ascend the class system and unlearn a lot of what you learned in school.

I believe true value in society is created by connecting surplus to demand, and not once is this ever mentioned in school: the entrepreneurial mindset, if you will. Instead, we're taught a mindset of lack, that we need to work endlessly and tirelessly to prove our worth. This is not true. You cannot make 7 figures in a 9-5. It isn't simply more time for more money. At some point, you run out of time. You need to change the game. There's no use trying to find the next level, because for most of us, there quite simply isn't one, and highly paid C-level execs, which are at the top of the corporate ladder, are so overwhelmed by back to back meetings that they have no time to have an actual life, or spend their hard-earned cash. I don't know about you, reader, but no amount of money can make me give up time. Time is life, and you only get so much of it. Money is limitless. There's no pie - no limited amount of money that can be shared. Every single person out there can be a millionaire, billionaire, or any other arbitrary monetary value.

I can only surmise that what comes out of the school system aren't well rounded, lucid thinking individuals capable of autonomy, but vessels with extinguished creativity conditioned to fit into a fundamentally broken belief system glorifying hard work, dedication and compliance, over independent thinking, creative problem solving, and an abundance mindset.

I think people leaving school are taught to hate the rich, imparted with the notion that they are taking from them, and that the poor are being abused, but these same individuals buy high priced items from fortune 100 companies, without giving a dime to the poor, it's always someone else's problem, in their mind.

There's certainly corrupt fortune 100 companies, leaders, CEOs, but their positions are not inherently evil, it's just once you can no longer choose which people you show yourself and your actions to, the worst usually dominates, because the majority of the population share this mindset of lack. And yes, some are just greedy too, that's a thing, some people suck.

People perceive a pie; a limited number of possibilities. A finite amount of money. They need to work for it, and they think the rich take it from them, and so they demand higher income taxes. This Robin Hood methodology is drummed into us from an early age. "The rich take from us, and we need to take back from them", so they say.

But they drastically fail to see that true value is created, not taken, there's an unlimited pie, even within the same sector, everyone's potential to achieve financial independence is completely unaffected by others' desires or actions towards their own goals. There is unlimited wealth! If you do not see this, you are creating your own imposition, and lack will dominate your life!

Income tax is hilarious anyway. People who vote for it, pay the most, while company shareholders that create the actual value in the markets simply set up shell corporations in low or no tax territories and license out intellectual property to UK based limited corporations, allowing them to channel 100% of the profits, without paying tax. You voting for greater income tax won't affect "rich people" that don't draw their income from paychecks. You'll just fuck yourself over if you decide to climb the useless corporate ladder to that level.

Or, smaller companies will pay their employees, shareholders and directors (of which one person can be all three) with a combination of salary up to the tax threshold and dividends up to their respective threshold, also paying zero or negligible tax, excepting NI.

So, attempting to tax the rich is only to the detriment of those individuals lacking the exact creative problem solving that would let them create a more profitable strategy, the same individuals from whom this trait was mercilessly extracted by a school system that's unfit for purpose in a progressive modern society.